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ResumeSpice Review 2021 In a Nutshell

As per the review, ResumeSpice writing service is a company aiming at offering help to their clients. They deal with writing resumes, LinkedIn makeovers, and cover letters. Also, at ResumeSpice, we have a support team that guides job candidates on the best career paths to follow if they have not decided on one yet.

At ResumeSpice, our clients get the free will to pick a writer of their choice. The writer must have the skill to write and format the resume in an appropriate manner.

Keith Wolf and Marsha Murray established this company. They ran a recruitment firm called Murray Resources.

ResumeSpice Overview

Year started: 2016
Guarantee: 60 day interview guarantee
Price of a resume: starting from $149
Discounts: None
Resume deadline: 2 business days

ResumeSpice Review

What Services does ResumeSpice Offer?

The review shows that the service offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Assisting people preparing for interviews
  • Composing cover letters
  • Composing top-notch resumes
  • Format and design

According to ResumeSpice review, ResumeSpice also helps the employed candidates improve their task levels and work skill sets. Also, if a person wishes to change their task, an expert will advise you accordingly.

ResumeSpice as a Scam or Cheat

As per the review we did, we noticed the ResumeSpice website was full of positive assessments from clients. ResumeSpice hires highly qualified experts since they cared about their reputation. As a resume writer, you won’t find any cheating claims against resumespice.com. Every task you order with us will be delivered on time. Remember, every expert must pass a series of tests to join us as a writer. If, by any chance, you will come across a writer who does not meet your skillset, do not hesitate to contact the support team.

Company Online Review

When conducting our review, we had to study other platforms like Trustpilot, where you find reviews from companies. At Trustpilot, you will find very few negative reviews. The co-founder herself responded to the few you get. This shows that every expert at ResumeSpice is highly trained to write any resume. If you hire an expert from this writing service, your order will be completed within the timeframe you’ve given.

At ResumeSpice, you get to pick your preferred writer. The writer you choose will display a unique skill that enables them to write documents in any format. If the writer does not meet your demands, you can ask for a re-allocation. Format and design are free services to regular clients.

ResumeSpice Pricing Plans

As per this review, before you register for the services at ResumeSpice, you must choose a service package of your choice. At ResumeSpice, we have three payment packages as described below:

Entry-level Package

By choosing this package, the person will pay a price of 409 dollars. This package is appropriate for a person who has less work experience. However, if you need a professional resume, you will have to pay $519.

Senior-level Package

This is a plan for a person in higher job positions. For this package, one will have to pay a price of $629. However, if a candidate chooses this plan, they get all the services advertised on the service website.

Job Apply Service Plan

This is a unique service plan. A person choosing this package requires higher pay for them to look for work. The pay is negotiable.

In our review, we noticed that resumespice.com does not give any coupons or price cuts. However, the price they charge on each plan is so much reasonable.

Money-back Guarantees

We have stated in our review that ResumeSpice writing company has zero money-back guarantees. However, what they offer to their clients is a 60-day return guarantee. This happens when the writer assigned to your task does not do a good reading. Also, if the resume delivered by the expert does not get the client a single job interview within two months, you get another order done for free.

How Fast are Their Services?

The review states that once you pay for your ideal service plan, the candidate gets a mail laying out some of the steps they must follow. First, one must complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire helps the writer and the candidate come to terms on what to be included in the resume.

The next step is to select your resume writer. It is always prudent to have a small chat with the resume expert to determine what resume format styles to apply. After everything has been agreed with the expert, a rough copy will ready after two days. If the candidate is satisfied with the rough copy, the final resume will become comprehensive within 24 hours. Meeting deadlines is a skill that writers from ResumeSpice have mastered.

Effect of ResumeSpice in Boosting Careers

The review indicates that firms like LinkedIn cannot attest to claims that ResumeSpice helps in boosting careers. We don’t know who the writer of these reviews. However, there are many positive reviews that say so—generally, people who have worked with the service rate ResumeSpice highly. Once you place an order with them, expect only the best from your designated expert.

The Advantages and Disadvantages Related to ResumeSpice.com

In our review, we have clearly stated some of the advantages a person gets by making an order with us:

  • More than five years of hands-on experience in the writing service
  • A quick support team tending to all your problems
  • The support system is on point
  • Free-format and design services
  • The expert assigned to you will write your resume from scratch
  • Any task you order is completed within the specified time limit
  • An expert from the service possesses a unique skill set in resume writing.
  • Every writer at ResumeSpice is a native English speaker

Disadvantages Associated with Working with ResumeSpice.com

In this review, you will find that, as a job candidate, there are few disadvantages associated with this service. The drawbacks are stated as follows:

  • The service cost at the service is relatively high compared to what a candidate must pay for a similar service.
  • ResumeSpice employs a writer who has proficient English skills only. As a result, it’s challenging to get a Spanish writer at ResumeSpice.
  • Lastly, our review shows that the service lacks a refund policy

Final Verdict

As we conclude the review, a resume writer from the ResumeSpice will always strive to complete your task diligently. This trait makes the service one of the best in the market. However, no one can confirm this statistically—the location of this writing service in Houston. As a candidate who wishes to make an order with them, you can write to them via info@resumespice.com. Every writer you come across at ResumeSpice has this skill that enables them to write authentic resumes.