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ZipJob Review 2021 in a Nutshell

The demand for a trustworthy resume writing service has skyrocketed over the years. Numerous job seekers are opting to pay an expert to format their documents in a way that tells their career stories, move past the applicant tracking system and catch the attention of employers. An expert writer will help their clients get the results they need. The writer can update your document or create a new one from scratch while ensuring the right keywords and content is included. The problem is that over the years, numerous resume writing platforms have become accessible online such that we hadn’t noticed Zipjob was also in the business.

A thorough review shows that it has a website that looks just like any writing platform. However, reading any Zipjob review from a trustworthy website such as Reddit showed that some customers were dissatisfied with the delivered task. This motivated us to carry out a thorough review to determine whether Zipjob.com is a reputable service.

Zipjob.com Overview

  • Year started: Not found
  • Guarantee: Getting interviews
  • Price of a resume: starting from $139
  • Discounts: None
  • Resume deadline: 3 days
zipjob review

Zipjob Unique Aspects

The best defining features are what make a service stand out. The only unique feature offered by Zipjob.com is the ability to hire an expert writer and get a flawless document that assists a candidate in getting picked for an interview. The promise might look reassuring and motivate any job applicant to order and expect a well-written task from the service. However, Zipjob fails to assure a candidate of getting a job interview, but rather the writer shall rewrite the content.

The problem with free revision is that every client will wait for 60 days before the expert can work on the document again. The stated duration is longer than what any other legit company offers. Besides, suppose a candidate is unsuccessful on the first occasion, and the writer produced a shoddy job that failed to achieve the intended goal. In that case, the chances that the quality will improve that much the second time around are low.

While conducting this review, we discovered another beneficial feature about Zipjob: they deliver an ATS-friendly resume. Once you order a task, the expert customizes the content to include specific keywords, ensuring the submitted task moves past the electronic system. That way, the document is viewed to be from a qualified individual.

A Review of the Help to Expect From Zipjob

The online platform fails to rank amongst the top because they offer limited service. The skill displayed by the writer is also questionable. Furthermore, they charge exorbitant costs for any additional service. But what is astonishing is that they urge any candidate to speak to their customer support before deciding to pay the expert. This defeats the goal of stating the charges on the site as interested parties might go for the service thinking they will pay a specific amount only to incur additional charges. Moreover, the extra charges are not clearly explained, making it a risky platform to order a resume. But anyone that still wants to order should chat or reach out to the support agent first.

A comprehensive review of the Zipjob packages shows they are categorized into:


This inclusive package includes a LinkedIn update, and each task has accelerated delivery of 3 days. A review of this offer proves that anyone that will order this package from Zipjob.com also has the privilege of getting an expert with impressive skill. The pay also covers future resume updates.


A review of this Zipjob package shows that the professional has keyword optimization skills, which helps the document to have the correct format and pass the ATS scanning. It also covers open dialogue with an expert writer who will write the document and offer unlimited free revisions. The disadvantage of this service is that one-on-one interaction with the ideal writer is only available in the Premium writing package.


A candidate ready to pay for this Zipjob package gets all the offers available in Launch. The service also includes writing a cover letter and ensuring the resume will result in an interview within two months/60 days. Unfortunately, one-on-one communication with an expert resume writer available in the Premium service is also unavailable to any candidate that will pay for FastTrack.

A Review of the Pricing Strategies

The charges set by Zipjob differ depending on the package or service. However, the company has some hidden charges that can cause the candidate who makes an order to pay more than what they initially expected. For example, a CV and any federal document longer than four pages will cost the expert an additional charge. Thus it’s best to communicate with Zipjob customer representatives and confirm everything, including the format you want, before allowing the professional to write your document.

An order with a starting price of $139 is expensive. Thus, when it comes to Zipjob price reviews, many customers give the company negative comments. The cost of the other two packages is $179 and $299. Since it costs $100 to write the cheapest task, which is completed in six days and doesn’t come with a solid guarantee, compared to any other legit writing platform, Zipjob is overpriced. Furthermore, they fail to provide any discounts, which means there is no chance that an individual on a tight budget will afford their writer.

A Review of the Type of Customer Service to Expect

To help everyone make an informed decision about Zipjob, we did a thorough review, which included checking the skill of a writer and the customer agents. The whole team is accessible only on weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm EST, and the only way to reach the support agents is through the phone. This is a shortcoming because anyone who wants to consider Zipjob service must accept that it won’t be solved in time if they encounter a problem during the weekend.

But even with the provided means of communication, customer representatives are not readily available, and it takes a lot of time before one of them picks up the phone. Even when the representative finally answered the phone, their communication skill was questionable. They gave vague answers concerning the writing format their writer will use.

This proves that Zipjob hired unprofessional customer agents with average skill levels. Although the agents seemed unenlightened about the service, they addressed the cost right. Based on this Zipjob review, including the team’s skill, it’s best to contact the representatives to ensure you are making an informed decision about allowing them to write your task.

ZipJob Website Design: Is It Easily Maneuverable?

Someone with an above-average skill level designed the website. The website is user-friendly and has a simple-to-navigate format. However, the signing up task on the Zipjob website is complicated since there is no straightforward registration process. In addition, after a thorough review of this service, our team realized that the platform doesn’t have a clear price policy.

ZipJob Summary

Overall, Zipjob is a renowned company formed to write any resume but not amongst the most trustworthy in the business. The lack of transparent price policy, hidden fees, and questionable skill portrayed by both customer support and writer should make anyone think twice before paying the professionals to write the document. Furthermore, the costly rates, limited service, lack of discounts and guarantees reveal that the Zipjob is not customer-oriented. An overall impression of Zipjob.com shows it has some discrepancies that paint the service in a bad light and make it less popular.