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TopResume Review 2021 In a Nutshell

Being considered the best applicant for a job is not easy; you must compose an excellent resume that portrays your capability as the best applicant. You will have to look for an expert if you have not honed your writing aptitudes. Do you know how to present your skill sets? Professionals can assist you in delivering an excellent piece. However, be keen on the company you rely on.

If you need support to compose a winning resume, you are not lost. We will review topresume to ensure that you get a complete and fitting order if you pay your money. In addition, you will get an expert writer to complete your piece most professionally if you find an exemplary service. Topresume has proved to be an excellent writing service where many job seekers turn to for support. This review will assist you in knowing more about quality writing and give you profound details about topresume.com.

Topresume reputation is the reason for writing this review. We will review every aspect by purchasing a professional growth page by providing a sample piece to be modified. This is to safeguard that we evaluate different aspects, including:

  • Excellence
  • Customer service
  • Existing plans
  • Turnaround time
  • Price

These aspects define an excellent writing service. Read this complete review about this company to see if topresume can be trusted.

TopResume.com Overview

Year started: 2014
Guarantee: 2x interview within 60 days
Price of a resume: starting from $149
Discounts: None
Resume deadline: 3 business days

topresume review

How It Works: Modest and Straightforward Steps

For an excellent review, everything regarding the service was under evaluation to ensure we get a clear gist of the services offered. Different aspects that we considered to see if the service can be trusted, as described below. .

Signing Up

The preliminary approach in evaluating topresume service was to consider how signing up is effective. We award it a modest rating because we got a mail to confirm our Growth package purchase. The reaction to our email was not different from other establishments we checked before. They were willing to offer the support we required.

Filling the Questionnaire

They did not have a comprehensive order form. Besides, it was simple to fill because it required basic information, including target occupation and 3 URLs for particular jobs. This would help them in optimizing the piece. We realized that filling the topresume form was somewhat fairer than the previous establishments we had sampled.

Uploading the Questionnaire

It took about 20 minutes to fill the form before uploading it. They also notified us in a short while that our initial piece will be sent in a few days. So, topresume.com was genuine because we got it after three days.

Communication with the Writer

It was relaxed working with topresume expert writer and got three times of corrections. However, we paid an extra fee of $50 for a half-hour discussion on the cell phone. This was different because other services do not require their clients to pay an added fee for a dialogue. It is undoubtedly the major downside of topresume customer service.

Nonetheless, our review gives it credit for amendment progression. The establishment permits two edits, but the expert writer surpassed their rules to give us three. It was a significant move, which provided an excellent space to work with the expert writer to get the final product that warrants our appraisal.

Resume Superiority: Excellently Arranged, but Required a Punch

Here, things went wrong. The superiority of any task is paramount, particularly a resume, for it portrays a lot about you. The arrangement and structuring are vital, but their value does not surpass the data provided. We are serious here because of various aspects. This is what the writer could have provided.

This is what the writer could have provided.

  1. The summary statement- must be precise and show the significance
  2. Skill section- present the most pertinent abilities excellently
  3. Experience- must include measured attainments and remarkable action
  4. Education- must provide complete data including its locality, degree earned, and the discipline
  5. Training- must provide the courses and other suitable data

Arrangement and Format Review

The general plan from topresume was brilliant, with excellent spacing. It was not crowded with words, and the piece was inscribed in Corbel font. The plop of gold on the headings sent a remarkable sensation. We applauded the format because a good piece controls the contracting directors like a map. It has a good placement of sections. The contact information was clear with a remarkable summary. Other sections that presented the abilities, experience, and education served the purpose well.

However, the sample we provided was a two-page piece, and we got a single page for a contender between ten to fifteen years. This made us feel downplayed.

TopResume Summary

For the initial draft, we anticipated three lines summary, providing worth to managers. Instead, the initial recapitulation was five lines, and the final piece had four lines. An excellent summary must show quick significance to the reader. It was apparent that the topresume writer used the ads we delivered to make a summary that replicated the needed aptitudes for the joint job.

We were also anticipating a summary without fluff and clichés from topresume.com being renowned in the world. But, to our disappointment, the expert writer started with clichés such as ‘result-oriented professional.’ However, the writer managed to eliminate the clichés with coaching.

The Skill Section

When seeking support, you have to be assured the company will write top selling points. The skill segment is crucial for any task. It enables to illustrate that the candidate has attained the needed capability for the job. The example we submitted to topresume included a poorly formatted skill section. However, the expert writer delivered a well-formatted section with a clear look, making us believe topresume.com company is a reliable service. A good establishment must present any skill that makes you win the interview.

Writing the skill section demands an expert to compose and format it excellently. The writer was crafty in ensuring the task was organized and presented the skills in the summary.


Any candidate looking to be on the top of the list must ensure this section is coherent. A good review will always point emphasis to this section because of its principal value. It is the utmost significant segment of a sequential resume. The attainments need to be clearly outlined in this section. This part starts with the task scope to describe the general obligation of the case and is also drafted in paragraph format. You must have honed drafting abilities to write this section, ensuring the achievements are quantified. The task scope must not be above six lines. We received ten lines in our order and asked the writer to cut them to fit the requirements.

Topresume writers also ask questions for anything they need clarification. This is a good move because it ensures a candidate gets an excellent composition. It implies that when you make an order from topresume.com, you will undoubtedly get what you want. There was a nice touch to emphasize different experiences.

This section requires the writer to write powerfully and ensure all declarations are worded excellently. This part must be presented professionally to ensure the employing directors get relevant information from the client as required in the skill segment. For instance, the writer included bulleted accomplishments, but they were not clear enough. Any writer must demonstrate excellent ability to ensure clients pay for quality work.


This review also assists you in knowing how you can compose your piece. The task ahead is not simple. When drafting the education section, it is essential to provide the institute’s locality and the years of attendance. It must be short and provide full information, including the degree. We were able to get it from this service.


The sample we send to the TopResume service comprised a section where our candidate had trained for ten courses in six weeks. It explains the gap in employment extensively, but they did not provide in the initial piece we received. Besides, they put the segment at the end with no dates making a poor format for the segment. One must write this subdivision nearer to the top, which we asked TopResume writers to do. The paragraph was not aligned as we required it. From this review, it is clear that TopResume writers do not take some elements seriously.

Resume Writer Certification: Not Very Transparent

TopResume service claims to have more than 1,500 writers with various qualifications, but they do not verify which ones. It indicates that the establishment is not transparent about the writers. As a candidate, you must be sure that the service has the right professionals to handle your task. There are various certifications, but they did not highlight any of them. This makes it unclear if the writers have attained the right expertise to compose quality pieces. Other services provide a clear profile for their writers to avoid doubt among clients.

Some of the common certifications include:

  • Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)
  • National Resume Writer’s Association ( NRWA)
  • Certified Advanced Resume Writer (CARW)

Interview Assurances Review: Numerous Interviews

TopResume indicates that you get multiple interviews after using their service. If you do not get the interviews, they write the resume again free. This is unlikely because the hiring process will not be waiting for you to resend another document. Besides, it shows that the candidate does not understand the description of the profession. Finally, a generic composition will not pass the applicant tracking system (ATS) that scans for keywords as used in the description.

Samples and Testimonials

TopResume provides that it offer formats for more than 25 domains. A quick review of the models exposed the same formats with variations in a splash of colors. However, each model had a contemporary look that credits them for their commitment. TopResume service has verbiage at the top of each sample clarifying the significance of a candidate delivering a piece that adheres to the requirement. The composition we got from TopResume was actually ATS submissive.

Existing Packages and Price: Fair

TopResume boasts of offering elevated resumes for your profession by relating the samples to the job accounts you provide them. They also assist you on any order, like composing a cover letter. The review we have conducted shows that you somewhat pay for a lower quality because they do not write what they promise. Nonetheless, their price is fair. Each package has a different price.

  • Professional Growth package: $149- it is drafted by an expert in your domain, keyword-optimized, and written to draw your employer’s attention.
  • Career Evolution: $ 219- this package has all the Professional Growth package provides and includes a cover letter. It also offers a 60-day assurance that you will get interviews.
  • Executive Priority: $ 349- the highest package in price and covers all that is provided in the Career Evolution suite. It also includes a LinkedIn profile.

TopResume Final Verdict: Okay to Use for Entry-Level Positions

Many companies online claim to provide reliable services, but some make clients pay more for flawed pieces. Find an expert from a reputable establishment to handle your order. They must portray any skill you have about that task. In our review, we find TopResume service ideal because of some facts. It provided excellent customer service; the writers were observant and provided timely responses. Anyone who requires a resume faster can consider TopResume in drafting the piece.

We concluded that TopResume did not achieve the goal of selling the applicant as per the review. The issues were with long segments, making it hard for a quick scan.

Besides, the bulleted attainments lacked punch. However, we commend it for persons seeking entry-level positions. Here, you can pay and be certain to get a piece that fits your expectations. If you are scaling in position, we advise you to consider another service. Other packages are overrated and will not provide what you need to realize your career objectives.

It is essential to note that TopResume is trying, but the review we have conducted clarifies that it is tricky for TopResume to handle a complex order. So, pay for the services that will warrant value for your money.